Tan Pham Wholesale Deal


Tan Pham Wholesale Deal

TT & T Homes LLC in Richmond, VA
Tan Pham with Trang Pham

We never thought we would be able to do wholesaling when we joined Fortune Builder. It was just too much work. However, after we bought our first rehab from a wholesaler, and found out the wholesaler made $17,000, we decided to give wholesaling a shot. This deal came from our very first direct mail campaign (driving for dollars). 36 pieces sent. 2 calls. 1 deal. The house is occupied by tenants. Seller did not want to make any repairs. She was firm with the asking price and not really motivated. Since we bought our first rehab a couple blocks from this house, we knew the market and built relationships with local investors. We learned that many investors were looking to buy houses in this area as well. So we got a \"verbal\" deal with couple buyers before we signed the contract with the seller for the price she was asking. We ended up having multiple buyers for this deal (we did not even send the packet out to our buyer list yet) which gave us some options. We decided to assign the contract to buyer who could close on the house (with tenant living in it) quickest.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Richmond
Property State: VA
Purchase Price: $51,000
Sale Price: $60,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

Me and my sister joined in August 2017 and never expected any deals for the remainder of the year. Attending Marketing System Immersion taught by Linda Pedersen, and Wholesaling Bootcamp taught by Than and Jeff in Houston are all it took. The system, knowledge, and tools provided WORK. Working hard, implementation, and \"showing up every day. \"