Sanjiv Jain Commercial Deal


Sanjiv Jain Commercial Deal

8615 Germantown Ave, LP in Philadelphia, PA

This was a property adjacent to another property I own and had been on the market for many months. I called the owner and worked out a deal to by it \"as-is\" and worked out a significant discount if I could close quickly & bought it as is. I immediately contacted my banker, whom I\'ve had a relationship for many years. I asked him to get me a letter of my being credit worthy and that they would provide a purchase loan for me to buy this. He got it to me the next morning. I submitted the offer, along with the letter from the bank and gave the seller 6 hours to reply. He showed it to his sister, we worked out some language in the offer and the closing date and it was executed the next day. I bought it with 80% financing from the bank & used private money for the closing costs as well as the 20% down. I then went to work finding a commercial tenant ended up having one of my tenants from another building consolidate their manufacturing (from another location (that I don\'t own) where they paid rent greater than my price) and retail from another store as my tenant into here. The tenant did over $200,000 in rehab costs installing bathrooms, flooring, new HVAC, electric, lighting, drywall, painting, etc. I put in about $50,000 in repairs/upgrades. I just added a second mortgage from the same bank that has the first and was able to cash out $400,000. Purchase: $500,000 (9/2016) ($400,000 bank financing, rest Private Money) Rehab with my funds: $ 50,000 Rehab with Tenant funds: $250,000 Newly Appraised Value $1,000,000 Cash out at Refinance $400,000 12/2017 (paid back to Private Money person: $125,000) Net Money in pocket: $275,000 ALSO Cash Flow with 10 year, true NNN single occupant tenant: Monthly Rent: $6,630 (with 2% per year increase) Total for both mortgages: $4,447 Net Positive Cash Flow: $2,183

Commercial Details

Property City: Philadelphia
Property State: PA

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Case Study

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Going to the Commercial Academy helped me do the analysis even more detailed and feel comfortable in taking on the risk of buying a completely vacant building. This was my Plan \"A\" My Plan \"B\" for the building was to put in two apartments on second floor and get a NNN commercial tenant for the first floor.