Charlene Harry Wholesale Deal


Charlene Harry Wholesale Deal

At Ease Properties LLC in League City, TX
Charlene Harry with Moboyia Harry

I’ve always been interested in owning my own mobile home park so when I found a deal browsing through the Facebook Buy and Sell Group for a mobile home and noticed it said motivated seller I jumped on it. I contacted the cousin of the seller who posted the post and he was able to get us in contact with the seller. I began marketing for buyers and was contacted through one via a Yahoo group, who was interested in the property for a friend. Unfortunately, the friend never came through I began marketing for buyers through Craigslist as well as re-posting it in the Facebook buy and sell groups. I was flooded with inquiries however none of the leads were serious. I continued to post in more groups and by the next morning, I got 4 serious buyers! I scheduled a viewing with the seller the next day. 3 buyers visited the seller the next day and one even came with cash, a second buyer offered more than the first offer but the cash buyer out-bided him and became the winning buyer.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Pittsburg
Property State: TX
Purchase Price: $19,750
Sale Price: $21,250

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

It was FortuneBuilders who lead me to understand how to conduct marketing on Facebook Buy and Sell group. It was FortuneBuilders encouragement to attend REIA meetings that paid off, as I met a Mobile Home Dealer who started out buying mobile homes at a discount to build his own rent to own deals with mobile homes. I took this Representative, from the number one Mobile home dealers in his county out to lunch the same day we met and began a relationship that aided in my partnership to use his services to broker the deal properly and learn how it could be done on my own. Christy Duckket, David Fair and Gustavo Garza assisted in dealing with a deal that was practically 4 hours away from my home and coached me through the marketing and closing process.