Mustafa Brent Wholesale Deal


Mustafa Brent Wholesale Deal

FMF Homes in Newark, NJ
Mustafa Brent with Kareemah Williams-Brent

51 Franklin was a two-story dilapidated single-family home. Our original desire was to purchase and rehab the existing structure. We were presented with an opportunity to put the property under contract, and wholesale it to an end buyer, and make the same profit as if we rehabbed and sold it at retail. Unfortunately, the owner was uncomfortable with the wholesale process; due to previous experiences. Although we had to capital to close, we convinced the wholesale buyer to put up the funds for us to close. We did a double closing and walked away with $20,000.

Wholesale Details

Property City: East Orange
Property State: NJ
Purchase Price: $35,000
Sale Price: $55,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

The FortuneBuilders platform has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence I needed in order to pursue this deal. I was unfamiliar with the double closing process but I was able to get the support I needed. The website is very efficient! Every time I typed a word in the search bar, literature and training videos came up to explain the process in detail. I have been fortunate enough to study in universities locally and abroad, and I have never met a course of study or instruction that was as readily accessible and comprehensive. Also, the support staff has a turnaround response that makes you feel as though your concerns are truly important, and express a eagerness to assist that makes you feel like a valued member of a community.