Sys Savanh Wholesale Deal


Sys Savanh Wholesale Deal

WinRE Group, LLC in Arlington, TX
Sys Savanh with Phyllis Savanh

Our assistant found this property through the MLS, it matched our criteria and MAO formula, we immediately sent an offer. We managed to negotiate $25,000 down from the list price. We presented the property to FortuneBuilder’s students and we found a great team - Rob, Ruby and Shiomara, we believe that this is going to be a very successful venture as these 3 are Go Getters!!! Great job guys for taking action. The property closed on November 19th and was funded by 316 Consultants, it was very pleasant, easy and quick.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Dallas
Property State: TX
Purchase Price: $432,000
Sale Price: $439,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We have attended multiple Bootcamps and they have helped us understand the process and create a system that works for us. Our Sales and Acquisition team currently sends out 20-30 offers a week, it is a numbers game, the law of averages, and hard work pays off! Sales and Negotiations Academy definitely has helped us negotiate all the offers; Office Systems Academy has helped us learn how to find leads on MLS effectively; We can go on and on about how much we have learned from all the classes; But you will need to attend them all to gain the knowledge yourself and just like Paul says the speed of implementation is key! :) Thanks for being awesome! FortuneBuilders. Teamwork makes the dream work. - Sys and Phyllis