Danielle Butler Rehab Deal


Danielle Butler Rehab Deal

Platinum Dream Properties, LLC and KJ Homes Now, LLC in Waianae, Hawaii
Danielle Butler with Joemel Gallego, Josh and Kina Knisley

A property manager that Joe worked with at his day job brought us this deal in the hopes of helping her client. The client\'s husband died several years after their divorce and had never taken her off the title. The tenants hadn\'t taken care of the property and allowed it to further decline in the hopes they could get the price lowered so they could buy it. We had everything in this deal. We negotiated short sales on both the first and second mortgages, negotiated and wrote a joint venture agreement, negotiated hard and private money lenders, and wrote several types of contracts. We were in the deal for 91 days from the close to buying to the escrow close to selling. Our rehab included 80% new flooring, refinishing and repairing the kitchen cabs and counter tops, reglazed the tubs and changed out the bathroom fixture and amenities, patched and painted the walls and ceilings, plumbing repairs, landscaping cleanup, some exterior patching and minor touch up paint, new appliances, and all new lighting fixtures. We learned so much in this deal and the best part of it all was that everyone won. The homeowner, our JV partners, our lenders, contractors, and our realtors all won with us. It was an incredibly rewarding experience.

Rehab Details

Property City: Kapolei
Property State: HI
Purchase Price: $646,000
Repair Costs $65,856
Sale Price: $885,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

Coaching calls, deal review, and the FortuneBuilders systems were most valuable to me. Throughout the journey, I was able to remain calm and confident in my numbers, my analysis, and my exit strategy which allowed me to make rational decisions based on my business model instead of my emotions.

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