Eric Howell Rehab Deal


Eric Howell Rehab Deal

Tried N True Home Solutions, LLC in Kernersville, NC
Eric Howell with Lori Howell

I found this deal through a foundation specialist who’s girlfriend is an agent. He spoke highly of her, when I connected with her we hit it off immediately. She connected me to one of the biggest renovators in the Winston area who whole sold this property to us. The wholesale netted him $40K We are $80K in and this home is estimated to be an $80K renovation. We’re expecting to have $160K invested in it with a sale price of $190K we were nervous. I run my deals for the worst case and 190K was the worst with $220K the best. We did a complete overhaul adding a full master bedroom, roof, plumbing, wiring, and opening up the kitchen. We just installed the hardwoods and getting ready to put the project on the market within a 2-week period and we received a letter in the mail stating the city was investigating the property because of lead contamination. The reported lead levels on each window case upper and lower were insane. We passed the cities lead inspection and sold this historic beauty for $227K in 3-weeks. We also came under budget for the renovation and made a very nice profit.

Rehab Details

Property City: Winston Salem
Property State: NC
Purchase Price: $80,000
Repair Costs $77,000
Sale Price: $227,000

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FortuneBuilders took the amount of time it would have took me to learn real estate business and complied it into a year. Great help! But it doesn\'t work if you do NOT USE it use it.

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