Rubi Tinoco Wholesale Deal


Rubi Tinoco Wholesale Deal

Megafox Properties LLC in North Charleston, SC

This deal came from one of my bandit signs! I received the call, and I went to see the property two days after (it was a rental property) I called the seller after and gave him my offer. The seller got back to me the next day and accepted my offer of 100K. I never met the seller but I was able to build trust with him. I wholesaled it to another FortuneBuilder’s student as a rental property for a 9K assignment fee. I paid up to 1K for the seller closing fees leaving me with a profit of a little over 8K!!! The seller is 90 years old and had this rental property for over 18 years, he was ready to sale. I was thinking about my first year of being in Fortune Builders and thought about the things I accomplished in 2018: I started my bandit signs, direct mail, and door hangers. In return; Bandit signs: 4 Deals Direct mail: 1 Deal JV: 2 deals Door hanger: 1 Deal MLS: 2 deals I did 3 rehabs and sold 2!! The third one is under contract scheduled to close on the 19th of February. Wholesale 8 deals! We’re currently working on our first rehab of the year, and it’s scheduled to hit the market next week :). Our 1st year was amazing! I was able to walk away with 5 private money lenders!! woo-hoo! Currently, we have 3 houses under contract and I’m working on my marketing!!! 2019 here we go!!!!!

Wholesale Details

Property City: Goose Creek
Property State: SC
Purchase Price: $100,000
Repair Costs $1,000
Sale Price: $109,000

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The system works!! I\\\\\\\'m so glad I found you guys! My coach definitely plays a BIG role in my business, I\\\\\\\'ve learned so much from her. She CRUSHES IT! every time we talk! She makes me feel like a Rock Star!! Thank you So much, Jamie Saunders. The FortuneBuilders family is awesome!! I can\\\\\\\'t wait to attend the Denver Bootcamp and keep learning!