Theo Elias Wholesale Deal


Theo Elias Wholesale Deal

Welcome Home Equities LLC in Detroit, MI

I developed a unique strategy to acquire properties by sending out offers automatically through my CRM to a website called ZBuyer. The program is integrated within my CRM and has an option to automate sending out offers. This gives me the ability to write hundreds of offers in a matter of minutes. Using that process I sent out an offer via Zbuyer and the seller accepted my offer and sent the contract back signed! I sent one of my acquisitions team members to the property to meet the seller and take photos and I blasted it out to my buyer\'s list. I received a lot of responses but ended up letting one of my VIP buyers win the deal. My Wholesale profit was 10K!

Wholesale Details

Property City: Clinton Township
Property State: MI
Purchase Price: $155,000
Sale Price: $165,000

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Case Study

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Without FortuneBuilders I would not be where I am today. What\'s so beautiful about FortuneBuilders is that it\'s a growing community and it has turned into a movement that is evolving. The knowledge and information I learned from FB has made me a dominant force in my industry.