Marco Padilla Wholesale Deal


Marco Padilla Wholesale Deal

Robin Hood Properties LLC in Philadelphia, PA
Marco Padilla with Christine Padilla

This home was sold directly by the owner. My wife and I negotiated a deal with the sellers and we were able to get the property under contract. Initially, we were buying the property as a buy and hold considering the property didn\'t need a lot of work and the house is in a high demand area of the city. After further evaluation, we decided it would be best to wholesale the property. Luckily we had given ourselves enough time in the contract to begin marketing the property and within two days of marketing with investors, we found a buyer. We kept the seller informed and comfortable that the deal was going to go through!

Wholesale Details

Property City: Philadelphia
Property State: PA
Purchase Price: $158,679
Sale Price: $163,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

FortuneBuilders helped us decide to move forward with this deal as a wholesale instead of a buy and hold. Using the deal analyzer, coaching calls and the deal review helped us come to that conclusion. We want to thank all of the coaches that helped us out; Erica May, Robin Gestal, Guylaine Parthenais, Christina Macri, Shaun Magner, Cheryl O\'Hearn, David Fair & last but not least William Shield. Thank you all for all your help, patience & willingness to understand us and help us out. THANK YOU!