Christopher Cena Rehab Deal


Christopher Cena Rehab Deal

Sapphire Property Solutions in Clifton, NJ
Christopher Cena with Tina Pena

We happen to live right next door to a vacant home and after attending many of the seminars we decided to take a chance after being accepted into the mastery program. We know what we had to do and that was leverage, leverage, leverage! We looked for hard money lenders and even some Private ones, but ultimately we chose to go with Grand Coast Capital. The honesty and the way they work is just far more superior to anything we could have ever imagined. It only made sense since we are mastery students to keep everything together tied in with FortuneBuilders. After the renovations, the home only lasted 3 days on the active market before putting it under contract. Barely had any time for excitement, but in the real estate industry, you know \"things happen\". Unfortunately, the first offer seemed solid so we took it, but in reality, it was time wasted. Luckily, we had an amazing realtor and already kept our emotions under control from day one. So we moved on to put it back on the market and again lasted 4 days. We had about 4-6 offers on the table and all SOLID, but we knew not to get overly excited until certain phases were done. Once we got out of attorney review we were pretty much set on the deal and just had to wait for the lawyers to square away the minor adjustments.

Rehab Details

Property City: Clifton
Property State: NJ
Purchase Price: $184,000
Repair Costs $46,000
Sale Price: $325,000

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