Linda Goldstein Rental Deal


Linda Goldstein Rental Deal

M Vincent Assets LLC in Wilmington, DE
Linda Goldstein with Mark Fansler

We found this property through a \"wholesaler\" who tried to sell it to us without having it under contract (tsk! tsk!). We contacted the listing agent and informed her of this (sinister plot), and she accepted our offer, which was $20,000 less than what the wholesaler was asking for! Initially, we were going to renovate and resell the property but decided instead, to start our passive income portfolio! We made some minor renovations, including replacing all the windows and adding blinds to all first-floor windows (required). We had members of our team do a thorough cleaning and had it rented quickly!

Rental Details

Property City: Wilmington
Property State: DE
Purchase Price: $142,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

As always, we used the FB SYSTEMS to evaluate 2 different exit strategies for the property: as a rehab and resale and as a rental. We completed the deal analyzer both ways, and we had two different realtors (with passive income experience) tour the property to let us know what we could ask for in terms of monthly rent. We ended up adding one of the realtors to our team, as she is also a Property Manager! She vetted potential tenants, had a well-attended open house, and helped us decide on our new renters (who are fab-u-lous!).