Dianna Walker Rehab Deal


Dianna Walker Rehab Deal

Principled Property Group, LLC in Pearland, TX

I was sitting in ICU with my very ill aunt at about 2 am when I came across the email from a local wholesaler. I emailed my husband /business partner and asked him to run the numbers first thing in the morning. We visited the property and put the earnest money down the next day. The home was in a good location, an established neighborhood, and it did not flood! The home was maintained but had out of date finishes and needed some foundation work. We were able to bring it up to date within ten weeks. The property was on the market for 14 days before selling. WIN!!

Rehab Details

Property City: Houston
Property State: TX
Purchase Price: $174,500
Repair Costs $85,000
Sale Price: $322,500

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We use the systems with fidelity in most cases. We completed the repair estimator and completed a Scope of Work. Then we conducted a contractor open house and received multiple bids from contractors. We checked references on our top contractor choices before finalizing the selection. We placed our \"Coming Soon\" sign in the yard and hosted a \"Pick Your Neighbor\" open house that we advertised on the neighborhood Next Door Ap and through door knocking. We were very excited about this WIN!

Before & After Photos