Lisa Mochizuki Wholesale Deal


Lisa Mochizuki Wholesale Deal

Thumbprint Property Solutions LLC in Fresno, CA

One of my contractors for my retail real estate business (for client renovations) contacted me about a house that had multiple hazmat conditions and belonged to a hoarder. The house was vacant for over almost 2 years and he suggested the family needed help closing this chapter of their lives due to the stress it was causing the extended family. Through multiple visits and building rapport, while simultaneously bringing multiple subs of all sorts to estimate repairs at a more detailed level, I was able to bring a formal offer to the table. We went back and forth for several weeks, and we were finally able to agree and move forward. In the end, I decided to quickly wholesale the property. I do regret not shopping the deal or sending the deal to my buyer\'s list. Please remember to go through the steps and adhere to the system we are taught. I rushed and did not negotiate it due to fatigue from life and work... But in the end, it turned out okay for me. Another wholesaler friend also made $10,000+ and became the hard money lender to the buyer he provided.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Fresno
Property State: CA
Purchase Price: $137,000
Sale Price: $180,000

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Case Study

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I wouldn’t have had the courage to deal with the level of apparent hazmat conditions (extreme stench, rat droppings, roach poop, etc.) upon walking in if I had not been prepped through this system. I am reminded through my rushed efforts, in the end, to go through the systematic approach of checks and balances that FortuneBuilders provides. I’ve learned now and I’m moving forward. The best part is I got to take the first vacation in my young daughter\'s life that I paid for in full from rehabbing efforts. She said that the best part of her week was not Disney-anything, but that I looked at her and not my phone.