Mark Krajewski Rehab Deal


Mark Krajewski Rehab Deal

Colorado House Buyers in Arvada, CO
Mark Krajewski with Adam McCanna

We found this off-market deal by running advertorials in the local newspaper. This property was in such bad condition that rodents were living in the attic space. We knew this was going to be a full gut and we ended up having to reframe the entire house. During the process, we discovered that there was an adequate ceiling height to convert the attic into living space. The best part is that when the seller called they wanted an offer for this house and another one they owned as well. We ended up buying both properties.

Rehab Details

Property City: Denver
Property State: CO
Purchase Price: $275,000
Repair Costs $143,000
Sale Price: $527,500

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

FB helped us by staying consistent with our marketing campaigns. We didn\'t get deals when we ran the first few articles but the leads started coming in the more we did.

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