Suparna Bhattacharya Rehab Deal


Suparna Bhattacharya Rehab Deal

Asia Pacific Legacy LLC in Sunnyvale, CA
Suparna Bhattacharya with Deba Shyam,Eva Del Rosario,Carlos Garcia

The property was taken down to studs, completely remodeled and sold as a turn-key home to a young couple just starting their family. Situated amongst Redwoods and creek, and close to downtown and top-rated schools, this property is a unique purchase from a real estate agent. Added a new bedroom and a full bathroom with separate entry perfect for an in-law/office. Had some unexpected costs related to plumbing and landscaping, but with much effort, our team dealt with it. We believe visiting the property quite often to see the progress of rehab, working on the city permits efficiently, asking the general contractor to send photos of every day work, making regular payments to the contractor, and going to open houses to get an idea about the local market are some crucial steps that led us to finish this project on time. We also had a Thanksgiving party with our contractor and his team to encourage them and keep a good working relationship. Besides, we were also able to develop a very good relationship with our Lenders (HML and PML) who funded this deal. Last but not least, our goal to give back to the community has been accomplished. We offered jobs to 10-15 people who worked with our general contractor during the rehab process and sold this newly built beautiful house to a happily married couple.

Rehab Details

Property City: Orinda
Property State: CA
Purchase Price: $760,000
Repair Costs $255,000
Sale Price: $1,310,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We met our team members through FortuneBuilder Bootcamps and local FB meetups in San Jose, CA. Attending bootcamps and talking with other FB family members, property tours, FB webinars, 6 critical documents and discussion with coaches helped us immensely to complete this deal on time.

Before & After Photos