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My assistant, Heather Conte found an estate sale being advertised on Facebook Marketplace. I looked at it the next day with the goal in mind to find out of the owners wanted to sell as is. After looking through the property I bought a bookcase that I liked. Before leaving, I asked one of the family members if they would be interested in accepting an offer on the house 'as is'. They said they planned to 'freshen it up' and list it with a Realtor. I thanked them, gave them my card and told them that if they changed their mind to give me a call. I went back the next day to pick up the bookcase I bought because I didn't have my truck with me the day of the sale. One of the ladies that was helping with the sale remembered me. She had overheard the family talking about selling the house, and gave me the name and address of the owner's son, who was the trustee for the estate. After speaking with him by phone, it was obvious that they were interested in selling as is. I made an offer well below what I had heard they said they wanted. My offer of $165,000 was accepted in 2 days. The seller had already scheduled painters to paint the entire inside of the house, so I ended up adjusting my price by only $3,000! My buyer is a Realtor, and I knew she loved that area. We closed with cash in two weeks! The entire process, from the time that I met the seller to closing, was only 24 days! The ARV is an easy $235,000. Repairs are approximately $27,000.

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There is no question that I wouldn't have been able to do these kinds of transactions without the tools and resources that I've learned as a Mastery student with FortuneBuilders. The training, the Mastery site, webinars, live events, networking and much more have been essential in my success as a wholesaler and rehabber.