Courtney Toguchi Rehab Deal


Courtney Toguchi Rehab Deal

Oahu Property Solutions, LLC in Kaneohe, HI

This is a 2 separate single-family home deal that was brought to us by another FortuneBuilders student. The sellers were looking for a quick close as the previous buyers were unable to close after 7 months in escrow. After my initial walkthrough of the property, I knew that I could either re-list the property as-is and walk away with a quick profit or go through with the rehab and make a larger profit. I decided that I would list each property as-is and see what would happen after 2 weeks. If we received no offers, we would go through with the rehab. But, within the 1st week, we received multiple offers. The unique thing about this property is that 1 property was "landlocked" by the other property. So immediately after acquiring the properties, I hired an attorney to draft and record a usage easement to allow the blocked property access to its driveway.

Rehab Details

Property City: Kaneohe
Purchase Price: $1,065,000
Repair Costs $2,500
Holding Costs: $124,535
Sale Price: $1,262,500

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