Karen Fukumura Rehab Deal


Karen Fukumura Rehab Deal

Bay Property Solutions, LLC in Oakland, CA

We purchased a 2BR, 1BA single-family home from a mother who lived 750 miles away from the property. The mother's son lived in the house for years, but after becoming an alcoholic and falling behind on his mortgage payments, the mother decided to relocate the son to live with her. The house had significant smoke and pet smells, and needed other repairs to make it move-in ready. The mother felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and anxious - she now owned a liability instead of an asset. The mother needed someone on her side. Working with her agent, our Bay Property Solutions team spent the time to understand her situation and develop a win-win solution. We took the property as is, offered a quick close, and eliminated the mother's burden. The mother was grateful and relieved to be able to use the funds from the house sale to help her son get back on track with his life.

Rehab Details

Property City: Oakland
Purchase Price: $485,000
Repair Costs $45,000
Holding Costs: $47,000
Sale Price: $550,000

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