Annabel Kuppens Rehab Deal


Annabel Kuppens Rehab Deal

Home Creator Solutions LLC in Edmonds, WA
Annabel Kuppens with Stan Kuppens

This deal was a purchase from an elderly seller who was currently unable to handle her large home. The home was built in1968 so we renovated it to make it modern with an open concept kitchen and better flow introducing modern touches like mini-split heating and cooling, en-suite bathroom, all bathrooms have radiant heating, efficient energy use and it’s a family home that can entertain throughout the season. The repairs done were major like opening walls and adding support beams, modernizing the whole house and making it tech-savvy (home appliances are mostly wifi engaged) for the new owners.

Rehab Details

Property City: Edmonds
Purchase Price: $500,000
Repair Costs $160,000
Holding Costs: $111,500
Sale Price: $877,500

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