Pino Tenerelli Wholesale Deal


Pino Tenerelli Wholesale Deal

Affordable Pro Homes & Investments, LLC in Ardmore, OK
Pino Tenerelli with Patsy Tenerelli

An agent that we have worked with in the past in California had a family friend that was in a stressful situation after inheriting a home from her parents. The seller and her sister had inherited a "not so good" tenant with the property. The tenant had not kept up with the property and it was in very bad shape. They just wanted "to get rid of it." We had never done any deals out of state, this was our first. We had every intention of flipping it or keeping it as a rental, but the numbers did not make sense. We decided to wholesale.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Ardmore
Purchase Price: $16,000
Repair Costs $1,275
Holding Costs: $2,775
Sale Price: $41,050

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

It was super helpful to have different exit strategies. The profit would have been only $2000 if we had flipped it. Wholesaling it was definitely a better exit strategy. We also used our FortuneBuildersMastery Community to help find a team in Oklahoma.