Nicole Zoellner Rehab Deal


Nicole Zoellner Rehab Deal

JNT Property Solutions, LLC in Longmont, CO
Nicole Zoellner with Tony Streveler, June Streveler

We found this property through a local wholesaler. It had been rented for approximately 30 years and needed to be completely gutted. Interestingly, Google view photos showed that the renters had stored about a dozen cars on the property behind a fence. All cars and junk was removed before we purchased the property luckily. We opened up a wall to create an open concept and all walls had to be re-textured. We replaced the kitchen, bath, windows, water heater, roof and floors creating a Farmhouse style design.

Rehab Details

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

The coaches were amazing on this deal. We had trouble with our GC and an easement on the property that we were unaware of until we were about to list the property. The coaches helped us keep our sanity throughout the bumps and got us to the finish line. So many lessons learned!

Before & After Photos