Tynique Tillery Wholesale Deal


Tynique Tillery Wholesale Deal

Imperium Enterprise in Houston, TX
Tynique Tillery with Ansar El' Asar

We found this great Houston condo deal through our SMS Broadcast Campaign to Preforeclosure leads; it cost us only $0.02! No repairs were made and no financing needed since we decided to "virtually wholesale" it to a local buyer in that market. However, we had the deal underwritten by two of our lenders to secure funding if for any reason we couldn't secure a buyer before contract COE. There were 2 unique factors in this deal. First, this was initiated in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After getting the inspection scheduled, client canceled with intent to later reschedule "after the pandemic ended since he family and friends advised her not to allow for any inspections since she's older and more vulnerable;" then she rescheduled 2-months later; the money is in the follow up! She was an in-state absentee owner with this second home, we relocated her, and completed a 33-day COE!

Wholesale Details

Property City: Houston
Purchase Price: $91,000
Holding Costs: $767
Sale Price: $96,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

We have always used the FortuneBuilders proven preforeclosure leads list recommended, even for this unintentional deal found in the midst of incorrect preforeclosure data which helped us accomplish this deal! More specifically, using a version of the seller lead sheet, repair estimator, deal analysis, rental deal analyzer, and buyer intake sheet, we are able to quickly scrub data to find motivated sellers, comp evaluator, complete property inspections timely and remotely using local resources we deploy to do this for us to give us a local presence and added seller credibility, determine our profit potential and reassess our buyers by pre-categorizing them, then marketing the deal to our buyers list using all of the tools described above to secure a contract within 24-hours on this one. Our team follows the FB system, effectively utilizes the FB tools provided, & optimized them to get this deal done!