Taryn Lanzen Rental Deal


Taryn Lanzen Rental Deal

Home Affairs LLC in Elkhart , IN
Taryn Lanzen with Nathan Lanzen

As we continue our journey with our S-Corp, Eagle Eye Home Solutions LLC for the flip houses, we also had 2 major wins for our Home Affairs LLC for rental properties! In February 2021, we were able to close on a single family home at 1048 Middlebury St, which brought our rental portfolio to 4 single family rentals. Then, this week, we were able to close on our first tri-plex at 823 Maple Row!! This brings us to 7 total rentals!! It almost feels unreal that we were able to grow this much in the last 2 years. Home Affairs LLC provides rental units to victims of domestic violence, while providing them with financial education, security, and confidence to begin their new lives! We never seemed to have enough properties to accommodate the demand in the area, but we finally were able to secure a few more this year.

Rental Details

Property City: Elkhart
Purchase Price: $71,090

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