Bryan Martin Wholesale Deal


Bryan Martin Wholesale Deal

New Generation Properties LLC in La Canada, CA
Bryan Martin with Angela Martin

We originally put this property under contract for $1,180,000. I knew exactly who would want to redevelop this property, as the biggest Single Family Residential developer in La Canada built a home two doors up from this same property and sold it in 2016 for $2,350,000. The market has only drastically improved since 2016. So I pitched the property to the Ballard's and had them agree to purchase it from me for $1,250,000. I showed them all my contracts and paperwork that I had signed with the seller. They dragged their feet in signing some key documents, and the next thing we knew it the Sellers were ready to back out because they were scared we were not going to perform. So we had our identified buyers sign a new RPA to tighten up this deal, we had them increase the deposit to $15,000 (from $500), and we increased our purchase price to $1,200,000. This made all parties happy.

Wholesale Details

Property City: La Canada
Purchase Price: $1,200,000
Sale Price: $1,250,000

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