Vitto Pasko Rehab Deal


Vitto Pasko Rehab Deal

Premier Property Redevelopment Group LLC in Carney, MD

This deal was brought to me by realtor who I agreed to list with after repairs were complete. This house was unique because it had solar panels on the roof that were leased. I negotiated with the seller to pay off the panels in full and I had them removed and re-installed after a new roof was put on the house. This was a whole house remodel which included new open floorplan. This was a 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom and I made it into a 3 bathroom creating a master suite. Funded the purchase through local hard money lender. Sadly, the owner passed away shortly after the purchase (next day). It was sudden and she was looking for lower maintenance home. Her daughter was thankful she did not have to worry about the home during her grieving process. After the rehab, this was under contract after receiving multiple offers within 3 days.

Rehab Details

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I used the realtor relationship to procur this deal, using FB approach and existing relationship. I used the deal analyzer to turn around a quick offer.

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