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Alisa Thompson

Epic Alliance Real Estate Inc. in Saskatoon, SK
Alisa Thompson with Rochelle Laflamme

This was brought to us in a pocket listing by an agent we worked with before. The agent knew we were experienced investors and could close quickly without drama. It was funded by a private lender introduced to us via the Mastery Community.rnWe were able to use the systems to create ongoing relationships with agents to get pocket listings and raise private capital to fund the deal.rnThe family we purchased the property package from has been a part of our Hassle-Free Landlord Program for several years. They felt their parcel of properties would work well in our program and approached us. rnAfter some discussion, we had negotiated a price that was acceptable for all parties. These properties are in great shape and require very few if any repairs. What makes it unique is that it is a large package of properties with a transaction value of nearly 14 Million dollars that we secured with a down payment of only $2.00. rn

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FortuneBuilders education was one of the primary learning groups we worked and coached with. Their insight and systems have been and continue to be very instrumental in our day to day business. rnWe would highly recommend their education platform to anyone who is considering an investment or starting a business in real estate. rn

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