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Mat Eddy

Hemlock Property Solutions LLC in Lynn, MA

I was talking with a friend about my REI business and I asked him if he knew of anyone needing or wanting to sell their home to please let me know, right away he said his neighbor across the street approached him the week before wanting him to do some painting and tile repairs because he wanted to sell, I asked him to connect me with him and he did, I gained a great rapport with him, he was approached by 2 other investors, he told me they were to pushy and he chose to work with me. I was fortunate enough to connect with a local HML thru a good friend that knew me well that funded 100% with a balloon payment at the end, what was unique was he wrote me a check for the rehab in full, no inspections no draws, he trusted me to do the right thing with the money and that made the project move right along

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