Social Media For Real Estate Investors: Quality Over Quantity

If you are currently entering the business world, you have no idea how much things have changed in the last ten years alone. It wasn’t long ago that items like rental space and newspaper marketing where two of the first things you thought about if you were just starting out. In today’s market, you focus more on website content and forming a social media presence. The misconception is that if you flood the market with constant posts it is enough to drive people to you. The reality is that when it comes to social media activity quality is more important than quantity.

Every business is interesting to somebody. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, there will be people that need your service. The scope of those people will differ greatly, but when considering what to post think about whom you are trying to attract. As a real estate investor, you are trying to gain the interest of realtors, fellow investors, contractors, buyers and possibly sellers. Instead of posting short, general posts a few times a day, think about finding or creating content that is specific to those areas. You are not trying to appeal to a national audience. You are trying to appeal to people who may actually work with you.

To that point, keep your posts local to where you invest. Posts regarding local property taxes or changes to landlord policy will hit the mark. If you can show that you are an expert in your field and have your finger on the pulse of the market, you will start to generate interest. You will feel the full impact of your posts when you meet people at networking events or investment club meetings. When you introduce yourself they may remember something you posted that struck a chord with them.

You very well may never get a direct contact with your posts, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working. You can see some of your efforts through “likes” or “retweets,” but what you don’t see are the many people that will see and read your posts and keep you in the back of their minds. This is why it is so important to remain consistent with your posts and remember the importance of your content. Cutting and pasting an article you see on a general finance site may give you the feeling you are increasing your profile, but you may actually be hurting it. You don’t need to write a novel or even be an expert writer. Come up with content that appeals to you. If you find it interesting, others in the industry will probably do the same.

Every tweet you favorite or comment you like is out there for everyone to see. Social media can be a great enhancer to your business, but you have to know it is an open forum for everyone to see. If someone posts a comment you don’t agree with, you need to know that what you type will be out there to the public. Your goal with social media is to get business not lose it. If you focus on content and consistency, you will gain interest and what you do with that interest is up to you.

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