Social Media Stats For Real Estate Investing Marketing

by Chris Musial

Check out the following social media statistics and see how you may want to adjust your social media marketing for your real estate investing business in order to maximize your results…

1. 60% Of Users Trust Social Media More If The Sponsor Or Author Is Responsive
This clearly means that if you want prospects to trust your real estate investing business on Facebook and Twitter you need to be actively managing your pages and responding to questions and comments.  Of course this can be a big distraction form actually flipping houses and seriously conflict with your time management principals, so why not consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle it for you?

2. 38% Of Users Trust Social Media More Based On The Size Of The Following
This is critical. People like to like what others think is interesting and cool.  It doesn’t matter how awesome your social media posts are – if you don’t have a reasonable number of followers and likes you don’t have credibility – it’s that simple.  So just as important as what you are posting is developing a proactive strategy for gaining for followers and fans for your real estate investing business online.

3. 47% Of Twitter Users Leave By Clicking On News Content
Interesting stat.  They are not leaving to click on blatant sales messages!  Remember to use your social media as a funnel to feed your real estate investing website, blog and business.  Maybe having more blog posts commenting on the latest housing news and directing Internet prospects there via Twitter and Facebook posts is the best way to funnel them in?

4. 25% Of Facebook Users ‘Like’ A Brand For Promotions & Discounts
This is actually the largest defined category for why Facebook users ‘like’ a brand.  Surprisingly fun and entertainment only makes up 10%.  What discounts and promotions can you run?

5. 22% Of Facebook Users Unsubscribe From A Brand’s Page Because Updates Were Uninteresting!
Would you click on and read your own updates?  Your updates for your real estate investing business need to catch the eye, spike interest and offer value, or you could be driving people away!

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