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Lending Money on Real Estate – a Lucrative Passive Income Source for Accredited Investors with Paul Esajian

Join Paul Esajian on a training for accredited investors who are interested in learning more about how to earn double digit rates of return on their money – passively – through private money lending.

Paul has been lending money on real estate projects for many years, and it is one of the single best ways to invest your money. In fact, the majority of the profits Than and Paul have made in real estate over the years are currently invested this way. Over the past few years, they have also built a very good track record, delivering a very solid double digit return to other people who have invested alongside them.

Here are just some of the topics that Paul will cover on this webinar:

– How to get paid every month passively through 1st position real estate lending.
– How to get your retirement funds earning high rates of interest right now.
– How we prescreen real estate projects we are going to lend on.
– How you can replace your monthly income to possibly retire early.
– Why you should only invest with others who are putting their own money into the deals.
– A review of our track record and past performance.

Private money lending is a very profitable world. Learning about this opportunity will be well worth your time. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers during the call.

To discuss your personal investing goals and how we can help you achieve them, please visit the site below.