Top 10 Summer Vacation Rental Markets

Nearly a decade has passed since the onset of the most recent recession, and real estate investing is stronger than ever. Home flips are seeing larger profits, as appreciation rates and a lack of inventory are driving up spreads. (Which makes it the perfect time to research potential summer vacation rental markets to invest in.)

However, buy and hold investors will argue that they are primed to experience more success than the average flipper. In particular, vacation rental property owners that position themselves well this summer will be rewarded accordingly. Rents continue to rise with home values, and investors are taking note. In fact, there may be no better time to buy a summer vacation rental property than right now. That said, only one question remains: where are the best cities to purchase vacation rental properties this summer?

Vacation rental properties can offer great returns in the summer months, but spreads can vary dramatically between locations. Some vacation spots have managed to balance attractive purchase prices with similarly impressive rental asking prices. These are the summer vacation rental markets investors should be targeting, and many key vacation spots have markets ripe for renting out. The following highlights the top 10 cities to invest in vacation rental homes this summer: