Tech Talk: 5 Tools for Max Real Estate Investing Volume

Ready to take your real estate investing to a whole new level?

Ever wonder how your competitors find all that time to lounge around, dine and head off on their boats during the week while you are still scrambling to put together a fraction of the real estate deals?

Besides having the right real estate investing system and strategy creating mass amount of free time and flipping a serious number of houses every month is about having the right tools…

Here are five tools that can rocket your productivity:

1. Auto Dialer Software

Automatic list dialing software like Dial Your Leads’ Campaign Dialer gives real estate investors the ability to upload lead lists and start calling on new campaigns in just 5 minutes at a rate of over 100 calls an hour, without ever having to dial a number. This prevents burnout, maximizes time and means automatically connecting with live prospects. Services like this even allow for automatically leaving pre-recorded voicemails as well as auto sending emails with “Call Me Now” buttons for generating live phone leads.

2. Social Media Management Software

Social media may be a must for real estate investing but it can also become incredibly time consuming in order to achieve a scale which really produces results. Thanks to programs like Hootsuite investors can schedule and syndicate their content to all of their social profiles from one place, dramatically reducing the time involved.

3. Rescue Time

One of the biggest hindrances to investors reaching their full potential is wasted time and not focusing on the most important tasks. The Rescue Time tool will enable you to evaluate who you are burning your time and block you from time wasting activities on your computer after your chosen daily allowance. This alone could help you free up an extra 5 hours a week.

4. iPhone 5

The new iPhone is expected to hit the streets by late September 2012. It may not be dramatically better than previous versions in terms of functionality but with the ability to use the Chrome browser which enables you to seamless switch devices without losing your place and as a potential conversation starter for new networking opportunities it could be worth the investment. That said, the addition of real estate apps should help investors to maximize productivity as well as efficiency.

5. Google+ Hangouts

There is little question now that Google+ is the top choice of social networks for actually doing business. Google Hangouts make connecting with multiple prospects simultaneous a breeze for a simplified webinar set up or even just saving time on not having to travel to meetings to get face time in.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies