Terrific Tweets or Angry Birds: Is Twitter Killing Real Estate Investing?

by Chris Musial

Like it, love it, hate it or barely use it, Twitter can have a big impact on your real estate investing business and not always for the better…

More than just being an amazingly cost effective and fast marketing tool for real estate investing Twitter is also crucial for managing your reputation and customer service. Customer service? Yes, if you are in real estate investing you are in a customer service business whether you like it or not. It can work for you or against you, it’s your choice.

Your Twitter feed can either be a magical solution for delivering great customer service, building a great brand and doing more deals or it can be a target for flocks of angry birds trying to knock you out of business.

The problem with Twitter for real estate investors is that consumers are now using it as one of their preferred methods of communication. If they don’t get a call back or an email they are going to start blowing up your Twitter page. This isn’t going to look good, especially if they start ranting and scaring off your other buyers and sellers. So beef up your ability to respond to enquiries and follow up quickly with everyone.

No matter how great you are at real estate investing and follow up there are always going to be issues or people who aren’t happy. There will be some seller who feels cheated when they find out you are flipping their house at closing for a fat $20,000 assignment fee or there will be a buyer who’s AC breaks down the day after they buy or a tenant who decides they don’t like the neighbors after signing a lease and holding up your property for 2 weeks. Then there will be other times you royally mess up.

These things happen, they will make it online and all you can do is deal with it. You can curate, clean up and bury away but statistics actually show that a certain amount of negative items on social profiles actually increasing credibility – it looks real. Look at this as an opportunity to wow, build a superior level of trust and win valuable new real estate investing business.

Go out of your way to fix as many of these issues as you can. It may cost you a little money but it is probably one of the best investments you can make. People know that not everything goes perfectly when buying or selling homes, what they want is someone who will be honest with them and they can be confident will make things right when accidents happen.

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