The Easy Way To Beat Out Realtors For Clients

When you first launch yourself into real estate investing it can seem as if you are up against a lot of competition for buyers and sellers from Realtors. Worse, Realtors with big corporate names behind them and real estate agents with bigger budgets and recognizable brand names. This shouldn’t discourage you at all. There is an easy way to beat 99% of them to the deal every time.

You would think that with the news reporting so many fewer buyers out there today and so many homeowners in desperate need of help that Realtors would be out there striving to go above and beyond to help and make prospects feel valued. However, recent reports show home buyers incredibly dissatisfied with the service and treatment they are getting from real estate agents. This includes being shown properties that don’t meet their needs, been shown properties which are ridiculously overpriced and worse still leaving calls and enquiries not being returned for weeks on end.

This gives real estate investing companies a huge window of opportunity to compete for the best buyers and sellers. By beating out competition from Realtors and other real estate investing companies in terms of speed and service you can stand out and win.

You can accomplish this in your organization by having a great focus on your customers. Make sure that you really listen to what they want, take the time to fully answer their questions and deliver what they need. Create a culture of great service and you will find plenty of referrals flowing in the door.

Speed of service can be your best weapon. It is often the first one to return an inquiry that will win the business. So put systems in place to make sure this happens along with accountability for any team members who fail to follow up on time.

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