The Future of Real Estate Marketing

What is the future of marketing for real estate investing and how do you stay on top of future trends?

There are many ways to stay wired into emerging marketing trends including attending events and conferences, signing up for continuing real estate education through coaching and tapping into blog updates and feeds from real estate investing gurus to keep up to date on the latest news automatically.

It is smart to watch out for new cloud computing solutions, new tech gadgets and to keep an eye on your competition’s strategies. However, you certainly cannot just rely on developing a marketing plan based upon what your competition is doing today if you want to keep you real estate investing business ahead. Obviously your competitors already developing and incorporating new tools and strategies. So if you roll out what they are doing now in 6 months, they will already be rolling out on the next generation, leaving you behind. You must be looking forward to what will be expected in 6 to 12 months from now, if not 5 years in advance if you want to be a leader.

It is also wise to note that just because another real estate investing company is doing something and they appear to be successful, it doesn’t mean that they are. The same goes for technology and tactics being pushed on you. They probably won’t all be hits.

The most important thing you can really do to keep your real estate investing business ahead and position yourself to be at the forefront of your marketplace and customer’s minds is to develop your consumer intelligence. Enhance your ability to understand what consumers want, when they want it, how they want it, what they are responding to, what turns them off and what types of technology they are really embracing. Learn to ask them and where you can shape the future yourself.

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