The Ins & Outs Of Internet Leads For Real Estate Investing

Internet leads can be a great way to fuel your real estate investing career. They can help you get off to a faster start and maintain a consistent flow. Internet leads for those flipping houses can be used to obtain large amounts of contacts of potential sellers as well as buyers of your properties. However it can be confusing to choose between all the sources out there and make sure you are getting the best return on your investment for your marketing budget.

One of the most important things to remember when purchasing Internet leads for real estate investing is that the more targeted your criteria is the less time you will have to spend on the phone to make a deal and the easier it will be to make your prospects commit. This makes a massive difference in the return on your time invested.

So when you begin searching for the best source of Internet leads for flipping homes make sure to ask how many different factors you can select to filter the leads you get. Also ask where the leads are from and how they are compiled. If your your representative struggles to answer it probably means that they are inexperienced. Make sure you are working with someone knowledgeable who can really point you in the right direction and get the best types of leads for your needs.

It is also important to watch out for how many times these leads are resold as well as what your rights are for getting refunds for leads that do not meet your criteria. It is very difficult to know if leads are being resold. The less exclusive they are the less expensive they should be. For example you may find Internet leads for real estate investing that are 100% exclusive and delivered as live transfers in excess of $100 each. While others that are semi-exclusive and sold 4 times can be found for a fraction of that cost and large lists can often be had for 10 to 14 cents per name. You should make sure that you can get replacements for leads you receive that do not match the filters you requested. However that does not apply to those who just say they are not interested. Many of these people actually did make an inquiry but have just been slammed with similar calls by others involved in real estate investing and are tired of talking on the phone. One alternative to this that is great for the flipping of real estate that many others are unaware of is that you can acquire aged leads for a few cents each. These are leads that are 30,60 or 90 days plus old. Of course some may no longer be viable. However all those homeowners and buyers who where just upset from too many calls before have not had time to cool off, and if they haven’t taken action yet are often ready to listen and much more desperate to make a deal.