The Internet, Your Worst Enemy For Flipping Houses?

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 9 out of 10 house buyers searched online last year.  This sounds like great news for real estate investing businesses marketing themselves on the web.  However, the information that is out there can cause a lot of frustration for those flipping houses and home buyers alike.

The amazing amount of home buying information and advice that has been posted online in the last couple of years provides potential buyers and those new to real estate investing with a wealth of knowledge.  Unfortunately a lot of it is wrong.

This not only applies to poor advice and data that has been twisted by biased parties but according to a Trulia report last month about 21% of all data Realtors post in their listings doesn’t get updated.  On top of this you of course then have an array of home value calculators online which have been shown to be around 50% accurate at best, and that’s even when they provide a price range, not a specific figure.

For those flipping houses this often means Realtors getting leads on phantom listings and stealing away potential buyers and terribly misinformed prospects showing up at their homes with completely unrealistic bids in mind.

So what can you do to make flipping houses run a little smoother and to separate yourself and your real estate investing business from the pack?  Start by making sure that your website and listings are updated regularly including any price changes.  Also have detailed information prepared for anyone touring the homes you have for sale so that they get the right picture.  Plus of course make sure that your real estate education is up to date so you are on top of your game as well.

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