The Real Estate Blog: When Guest Posts Kill Deals

It is great to see so many real estate investing companies taking advantage of blogging to grow their businesses. Many of you have probably heard of the benefits of guest blogging and have wondered how to attract others to provide you with content. However, publishing guest posts on your real estate investing blog can do a lot more damage than good if you aren’t careful.

Perhaps the biggest threat that guest blog posts hold for your real estate investing blog is offending or alienating your readers and followers. Getting some free content to build out your blog and increase your posting frequency without having to increase your expenses can sound great but not if it means turning people off permanently. One agent recently experienced this first hand after managing to hit the new headlines for some pretty impressive marketing. Unfortunately a guest blog post proclaiming her political affiliations received a number of negative comments including consumers indicating they would never do business with her because of who she supported. Of course you should stand up for what you believe in but letting others presenting their views as yours, especially with an election looming can be dangerous.

Even if you vet guest posts submitted to your real estate investing blog carefully for content you also need to watch for outbound links. Most individuals or other businesses offering guest posts do it for the back-links. While you may like to exchange posts and cultivate back-links for your own real estate investing blog, too many outgoing links to low ranking sites can bring down your own search engine rankings.

Finally, be smart and don’t include posts that lead directly to your competition. Yes, having an abundance mentality is great and there is plenty of money for everyone to live well through real estate investing. Though does it really make sense to let others piggy back off of your success and lure away the clients that you worked so hard for?

There is a time for entertaining guest posts on your real estate investing blog, just make sure that you are watching the downside as well as the upside.