The Secret To High Energy & Doing Deals Daily

Sticking to an aggressive set of goals to create an incredible income and build substantial wealth through real estate investing requires focus and a high level of energy.  So what’s the secret?

Start your day off right!  With the right start to your day you can build up the positivity, focus and energy needed to rocket through the day no matter what it throws out you and get amazing things accomplished.

What can you do to start your day off right?  It’s not rolling out of bed, smoking 10 cigarettes and drinking 3 cups of coffee until you can bare to check your email!

Start your day with your own hour of power!  An hour that will energize you, get you feeling good and pumped up.  30 minutes will do, but an hour is better.  If you are already making excuses in your head as to why you can’t spare the time, stop right now.  Making time for your hour of power will pay off in much higher productivity throughout the day, help you keep the right mindset and help you blaze through your real estate investing goals.

Exactly what you should do in your power hour is up to you.  However most find that a combination of reading their real estate investing goals, exercise and listening to energizing music is the perfect recipe.

Don’t just read your goals.  Use visualization and read them out loud. Read your big ultimate goals as well as your immediate goals that you want to achieve through your real estate investing business.

Exercise is a great way to start your day.  A strong body and a strong mind go hand in hand.  This doesn’t mean you have to start training to become become the next UFC superstar.  Though if you feel a little better about your body and feel like you have accomplished something each day you will feel more powerfully mental and more energized.  You don’t even have to hit the gym.  Get out and walk in the sun, attend a yoga class or go swimming.

Whatever you choose to do just make sure you do it everyday, you will find it makes all the difference in your real estate investing business and your life.

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