There Are More Buyers Out There Than You Think!

You might think all the negative press about the housing market is holding buyers back. However, according to a new poll by and MSN Real Estate there are actually a lot of interested buyers out there eagerly looking for homes that your real estate investing business can take advantage of.

According to this new report 92% of those surveyed still think that buying a home is a good investment and the roughly half of respondents that were renters said they hoped to buy a home in the next 5 years! Though perhaps more interesting is those who were homeowners said they actually bought a home within 3 months.

This means the time to really make a push with your real estate investing is now. The two questions you should be asking in order to be flipping houses faster and capitalizing on these buyers are who are they and what is holding them back.

Down payment seems to be the issue for most these days, so how can you provide them real estate education on low down payment FHA loans or make it easier for them to buy from you?

Who are these buyers? It is interesting to note that 81% of them are under 35 years old and 73% of them were married or in committed relationships. So how can you hone your real estate investing marketing to reach them?

What are they looking for? The priorities listed by respondents to this survey listed budget, location, space and style as their top criteria, in that order. However, note that more than half looked at 10 or less homes before making a choice, 21% bought fixer-uppers and 42% made compromises so that they could take advantage of home ownership now.

So there is no room for excuses to hold you back from real estate investing now. There are discounted properties and foreclosures everywhere and clearly lots of interested buyers!

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