Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Is it Time to Ditch the Job Search for Real Estate Investing?

Written by Paul Esajian

Are you still wasting time hunting for a job when you could have already flipped a house or two, banking more than a year’s wages from any job you have applied for?

Some people love job hunting, they are naturally good at it and love the challenge. For others it is the most daunting and miserable task on earth. Whichever applies to you it’s certainly a lot harder to get a job in most fields today, at least one that you want, with real estate investing being the one exception.

Unless shooting for a job in software development or working for a home builder it is slim pickings out there, with hundreds of applicants for jobs in many areas and prospective bosses that think they can get away with anything because they have several dozen qualified replacements lined up.

Then you have to think, even if you scored an interview tomorrow and started work in the next couple weeks you still aren’t going to land a paycheck for another month. Even for a six figure a year position, many real estate investors would have found that plenty of time to flip a house or even a few, and bank a lot more cash money (all without having to punch the clock or even report to a boss everyday).

So could it be time to shred your resume and get started in real estate investing?

It is true that you can get started in real estate investing with little to no money, no college degree and even horrible credit, and start collecting a pretty hefty series of checks pretty quickly.

For some it might take just days to get going, for others it may take 2 or 3 months. Still, for many today and especially those that have already spent quite a bit of time on the job search, perhaps real estate investing is the answer they have been looking for.

If you are considering real estate investing, it is crucial to take advantage of a proven, up to date real estate investing education course to make sure you get started off on the right foot and see maximum results in the shortest period of time.

If you need a paycheck to cover the bills this week and just can’t wait, you could even start by looking for opportunities to collaborate with other investors or even pick up a part time gig to fill in while you pursue your real estate investing mission and build your education.