Time To Sex Up Your Real Estate Marketing?

One thing that everyone new to the real estate investing business must learn and put to work is that flipping houses and getting people to buy them is all about emotions, and rarely really about the figures.

Of course you want the big figures in your bank account, but what we are talking about is getting home buyers to pull the trigger and sign on the line. This doesn’t just apply to the average Joe and Jane looking for their first home either. In fact many in the real estate investing business buy purely on impulse and emotion (though of course this is not the way to make money). Let’s face it, whether you like it or not – sex sells. So is it time to sex up your marketing and start flipping houses a lot faster?

What do you mean sex it up? AOL Real Estate just featured an article on a New York real estate company who has started not only staging their homes with furniture, but with sexy models for photo shoots as well. This has brought a whole new level to their marketing, enabling them to inspire powerful emotions in those that seem them, allowing them to better visualize and feel how fantastic it will be to own their properties. Now just imagine what this could do for marketing your own real estate investing business!

While those real estate investing companies marketing high end homes can probably afford to go all out with this, it doesn’’t have to cost a bomb or dig into your profits if you are creative. There are likely hundreds of aspiring models, make up artists and photographers in your area just dying to get some exposure. A couple of Craiglist ads or approaching local colleges could land you free talent to use for making your real estate investing marketing look truly amazing!

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