Timing Is Everything: A Guide To Buying Appliances

The process of rehabbing an individual property can really be broken down to one simple concept: return on investment (ROI). Of course, rehabbing is a much more complex endeavor, and it can take time to develop a system, but the ultimate goal is to make more money than the cost of the initial investment. The real challenge in doing so, however, is in the details. Each addition needs to make sense. There is one upgrade, in particular, that most investors will want to consider: new appliances.

Adding new appliances to a home can dramatically increase appeal and asking prices, things that both investors and homeowners can get behind. However, the savvy investor is already aware that there is both a right and a wrong time to buy said features. Buy at the wrong time, and spreads are reduced instantaneously. However, buy at the right time, and you can increase your return on investment.

The key is to buy appliances when they are at their lowest price, but when is that? Is there really a way to determine when the best time to buy appliances for your home is?

Whether you are a simple homeowner looking to save a couple bucks on a replacement dishwasher or an investor looking to strike it big, here are the best times to buy appliances:

Best time to buy appliances