Tips For Becoming A Better Real Estate Salesperson

You may not plan on becoming a real estate agent but everyone in the real estate investing business needs to hone their sales skills if they want to be flipping houses on a regular basis or even just keep their units rented.

This doesn’t mean that you have to been born a slick salesperson to make it in real estate investing. In fact, despite the fact some smooth tongued sales people will tell you they are born with the magic gift it has been shown that you can easily learn all you need to become a great sales pro.

For those of you cringing at the thought of phone or face to face sales, don’t sweat it. You don’t have to be a hardcore, in your face salesperson to succeed at real estate investing but you should learn some sales basics which can be applied to all of your marketing. Eventually you should be hiring others to handle your direct sales and replace as much of your funnel with automated systems as possible.

Perhaps the most important, yet incredibly simple key to easier sales and improved marketing ROI for your real estate investing company is understanding every one’s basic gravitational pull away from pain and towards pleasure. What individuals consider pain and pleasure may vary slightly but there should be a consistent them amongst your target group. It could be the pain of wasting money on rent and not having anything tangible to pass on to their children or it could be the burden of a large mortgage and the desire to get a fresh start. In order to make the sale whether it is an in person pitch or a direct mail piece you must highlight these items, make the pain of inaction felt and coach them along to the pleasure of your solution, which is buying or selling a home through you.

When it comes to social media or direct sales for real estate investing remember that listen not talking is your most powerful tool. Only then will you be able to truly distinguish what is most important to your prospects, be able to overcome objections effectively and close the sale. With a little practice you will be able to read between the lines and close more real estate investing deals without hard selling.

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