Tips For Brilliant Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are those small street or yard signs used by real estate investing companies that are similar to those used by Realtors advertising homes for sale. Bandit signs come in various sizes and can be great for building up a large list of potential buyers for flipping real estate to.

You should absolutely have bandit signs on every property you have and post them around town by the busiest traffic lights so people have more time to actually take down your information. There are also companies and ways of securing them, as you will no doubt find that other real estate investing companies, individuals flipping houses and Realtors will not only kick your signs down but even steal them and use them.

Keep your message simple. Remember you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of passers by and for them to get your contact information. Keep the font large and stick to a couple lines. Do not forget that while signs are great for instantly building real buyers lists for your real estate investing business they also offer an incredible form of low cost branding. So even if someone doesn’t call, if they ever need your services they will be more likely to look you up. Plus whenever you deal with someone who has seen one of your signs whether they remember it or not you have an immediate psychological advantage and will find closing the deal much easier. So make sure to include your business name, logo and even website address.

Another great way to add credibility to your bandit signs and real estate investing enterprise is to use an 800 number. Some investors flipping houses have had great success using local numbers, however a toll free number offers the ability to capture caller contact detail in case they get distracted on the road and do not leave a message. Advanced toll free number tools will even allow callers to enter certain preferences or even request faxed, text and emailed lists of your properties.