Tips For Building A Realtor Network To Sell Your Homes

There are many creative ways to sell homes. You can develop complex online funnels, build massive social media followings, hold open houses, giveaway cars and launch direct mail campaigns. Or you can build a network of Realtors who can marketing any properties your real estate investing business takes on for you.

You may be reluctant to work with real estate agents, however they can often be one of your most powerful allies when it comes to real estate investing. If margins are a concern you should find that you can negotiate a large discount for volume or simply by making it so incredibly easy for them to send you business that it is more appealing than dealing with transactions in the way that they are used to. This can be done by copying today’s best affiliate marketing programs and having agents simply refer their interested buyers via affiliate links or at a minimum handling all of the transaction management.

This may be a completely new concept for many real estate agents but if educating them on the latest forms of Internet marketing becomes too time consuming you can always offer a non-exclusive ‘open listing’ agreement. This means that if they bring you a buyer you will pay them a commission but you don’t owe anything if you find your own. This way you can have have agents all over the world promoting properties for your real estate investing business.

There are numerous ways to reach out to agents. You can target them through your social media marketing, via email, through popular real estate platforms like Zillow or even by going to the top of the corporate chain if you have the right product and pitch. However, you will also find that reaching out by phone can also make a big difference in your success rate.

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