Tips For Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

There is no doubt that direct mail is currently one of the most effective ways to boost your business of flipping homes. Open rates are way up and both homeowners and buyers are poised to pull the trigger and take action if they receive the right invitation. However, that doesn´t just mean you can send out any old postcard an expect your phone to be ringing off the hook…

Do your homework before just slapping a stamp on something and mailing it out. Often the easiest way to do this is to make a few phone calls to direct mail companies to get an idea of what they are seeing the best results with for real estate investing. You can also contact printing companies for referrals to the best lead generation companies for direct mail or better yet ask other investors what they are finding is working best for their real estate investing direct mail campaigns.

Take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of your target prospects. Don´t just send out something that looks flashy. Consider what would motivate you to pick up the phone if you were losing your home to foreclosure or were interested in buying a home. Is it a slick postcard or a hand addressed envelope?

When you start working the numbers and trying to compare which is the best way to go, you must focus on the cost-per-action, not just the cost per piece. It is great if you can send out tens of thousands of pieces a month for cents each, yet if it is actually costing you more by the time you actually get a real deal with profits out of for your real estate investing business, then you need to focus your direct mail campaigns better.

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