Tips For Marketing Your Rehabs

Real estate investing through rehabbing properties can offer huge profit margins. However it can also require a little more marketing effort than just flipping contracts. Fortunately rehabbing investment property as one of your core real estate investing strategies also gives you a lot more control over the presentation or the property and the options you can offer potential buyers.

If you are marketing your investment property in an area or to a group of buyers that are most likely to be buying to live in it for themselves you may want to consider home staging. This can add tens of thousands in perceived value to your property. Investment property staging can include as much or as little as you choose. It can be everything from landscaping to setting up a BBQ and tiki hut in the back yard or just putting in a few pieces of furniture. There are professional home stagers you can hire, but it is just as easy to do yourself using furniture companies that rent furniture and electronics on a weekly basis.

If you are advertising your investment properties during remodeling and repair work you can even offer the ability for buyers to choose their own flooring, paint colors and even kitchen cabinets. You can no doubt get the work done cheaper than most buyers so it will only increase your real estate investing profit margins. Going a step further you could even have plans drawn up for adding in pools and 3D drawing and animations of how the property would look if it was expanded.

Finding investment property lenders that offer attractive deals is another great way to improve your chances of selling an investment property. If buyers can get easy access to great financing they are much more likely to buy your property. Plus your financing connection can help you keep buyers in your loop and on track to buy your home.

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