Tips For Raising Private Money

One of the biggest focuses of those in real estate investing these days is try to attract private money and private mortgage lenders to give them more liquidity. But where do you find private lenders and how can you attract their investments?

Attracting and converting potential private mortgage lenders for your real estate investing business may sound like a no brainer at first. After all you are offering a great return and secure investment in exchange for the capital you need. However standing out from the crowd and finding complete strangers who want to give you hundreds of thousands of dollars can be a little challenging. It certainly takes more than adding an extra line of text and a contact form on your website.

For a start you need to think about what you would look for in a real estate investing company that was vying for your money. A lot of it is about presentation, but you also need a well thought out program. Make sure you have a real system for working with private mortgage lenders who are interested in real estate investing that you can explain well. Then make sure that your website is attractive and gives off a professional appearance and instills credibility.

Blogging, especially through WordPress can be a great way to attract new prospects of all types for your real estate investing business, but when it comes to seeking private money you often have to go out and seek it. There are many great potential prospects that may not be aware of how they can use their money to invest in real estate and so may not be actively looking. This just means you have to take your message to them. This can range from advertising on financial websites and in print publications that they may frequent to direct mail. Lead list companies actually offer lists that can be filtered by wealth so targeting the right individuals is easy. Though there are also now several sites that will allow you to post your loan requests for free and get them right into the hands of potential private mortgage lenders.

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